Ana's Backstory

I first fell in love with romance novels in my late teens, when I was introduced to Jude Devereaux’s historical romances. The adventure, the passion, the love…it was unlike anything I had ever read before. And I was hooked. From there I graduated to other types of love stories, such as paranormal, contemporary, fantasy, and suspense. There are more subgenres that I’ve read and loved, I’m sure, but I found my place loving the thrill of jumping at shadows and discovering the unknown along with courageous heroines and their strong alpha male heroes. And that’s where I’ve lived ever since.


Romantic stories have been a constant in my somewhat chaotic life. I’ve raised two children while moving from place to place married to a soldier. Loving a soldier, living the military life, takes a lot of courage and hope because you start over every few years. He—and in essence, I—hung up our combat boots for a few acres and peace and quiet a few years ago. Now I’m more out of my element than I ever was as a military spouse learning to live in on a “farm,” but it’s fun and I’m willing to give my adventurous spirit some freedom to enjoy this new way of life.


I love hiking and being in nature, and living in the northeast I’ve found there are many places to explore. Though I’ve an eclectic taste in music ranging from classical to classic rock and country, there is nothing like the sound of a babbling stream or the rustling sound of small creatures or the call of a bird. When I am not working, being part of nature inspires my creativity. Between writing projects I love doing DIY around the house and spending time with my growing family. They ground me in a way nothing else can.