What do you like to read?

Anything with romance always catches my interest. Science fiction, fantasy, western, historical, paranormal, suspense…love it all. But my favorite is suspense or paranormal—for any audience—I think mostly because the plot is usually a battle between good and evil in some way, and I love to see the hero and heroine have to overcome something external as well as internal to get to their happy ever after.

What inspires your stories?

Music. Nature. Places. A certain atmosphere. Conversations. If all else fails, a quick round of what-if.


Who is your favorite author?

There’s no way I’m picking only one. For romantic suspense, hands down I will say Nora Roberts. I have yet to find many romantic suspense young adult authors, so a great suspense writer with romantic elements—Gretchen McNeil. If I am reading historical, Diana Gabaldon (hello, Jamie and Claire and the rest of the characters!!!). Finally, if I am reading a paranormal romance, I prefer Stephanie Garber, Vanessa Len, Jennifer Armentrout, and Tracy Wolff.


What is the first thing you remember ever writing?

My name. Seriously, though, the first thing I ever wrote for an audience was a play when I was nine years old. It was about ten pages long, and I assigned all the kids in my neighborhood a role. We acted it out for our parents in the backyard of our house.

What is your writing process?

Take a shot of…caffeine. I never start my day out without my coffee. Then it is sit butt in chair and work. I do try to make the most of my day, starting early around 4 a.m. to write at least two hours per day. Before I start writing a longer story, I sketch out one act at a time, breaking it down into chapters. That way I have room to maneuver if I need to. I also create character sketches and arcs, so I know who my main players are. One day a week I spend on any research I find I need.

Are any of your characters based on anyone you know?

Yes and no. There is no one character that is based off of one person, but I do take character traits and flaws of people I know and mash them up into a character. It’s like a potluck of goodies.

What is your favorite paranormal character?

I love them all. Really, there’s something great about angels and demons, vampires and werewolves, witches and ghosts and aliens, oh my! But right now I’m really into dragons.

Do you have a street team?

It’s planned to begin one when my debut novel FORBIDDEN is ready for publication. Subscribe to my newsletter for the most up-to-date information and to join.

I’m an aspiring writer. How do I get started?

There are many different ways to get started as a writer. You can enter your writing in contests, join writing groups, or finish a manuscript and self-publish or find an agent. You can submit shorter pieces to literary magazines or short story publishers. What worked for me was enrolling in many writing workshops, joining writing organizations, and getting my Master of Fine Arts. I do provide coaching and mentoring services, if you are interested in the subgenres I write in. Click here for more information.